I slept a grand total of like an hour tonight and now I’ve gotta teach 3 lessons and I was almost gonna call in sick because my placement teacher can just take over and my placement partner is there too, but half the reason I couldn’t sleep is because everything’s going so shitty at placement and school so I figured it wasn’t going to solve anything. still tempted though.

forever mad that twentieth century fox decided to push back the dutch release date for TFIOS from June 5 to July 10, because it seems that the date is really final now and it just sucks because everyone was so looking forward to the event and I just hope it will still be fun

also why announce another date if you’re only going to change it.. if you’re not sure, don’t release anything. people actually already spent money on travel from OTHER COUNTRIES to come to amsterdam for the release of this film :/


burdgese asked:

Hank, what's the real truth about drinking milk?

edwardspoonhands answered:

You should drink milk if you enjoy it…but not because it’s good for you, because it isn’t

Disagree that you should just drink milk if you enjoy it… because it’s worth taking into consideration how dairy consumption affects not only the environment but also the cows the milk is taken from. It’s worth educating yourself on the matter so you can make an informed choice. However, the video link is great! I recommend checking it out.

I’d like to point out that the guy also said that “cow’s milk is low in iron and can actually prevent iron from being absorbed”. One of the reasons vegetarians sometimes go back to meat is because they’re anemic and they think the lack of meat is causing that. It would be a good idea to consider the role of dairy in your diet in that instance. Often people replace the meat on their sandwiches with cheese, and their evening steak with a meat substitute, especially when first going vegetarian. (Often meat subs are dairy based. For example, Valess, a popular meat sub where I’m from, proudly has the slogan “bereid uit zuivel”, “made/prepared from dairy”.) The anemia experienced by some vegetarians can therefore point towards an overload of dairy rather than the absence of meat being the sole reason for iron deficiency. Vegans and meat eaters have similar rates of iron deficiency, and vegetarians have a higher rate of deficiency. What do vegetarians typically consume more of? Dairy. Therefore I personally believe rather than to just start eating meat again when experiencing iron deficiency, it might be better to decrease your dairy consumption along with increasing the consumption of iron rich plant foods in combination with vitamin c to increase absorption. It might also be a good idea to supplement until you get back to healthy levels.